11:33 am
22 June 2021

Print on T-shirt yourself: A3 Epson Jet EP1800Tcould help you

Personality color, express personality. Make your T-shirt different.


Contrast between the T-shirt printer and the traditional printing machine:

Traditional printing process:

1 plate, sun film, the high cost of plate making, proofing cost;

2 more complex color, once the fixed version can not be modified;

3 the cumbersome process, long production cycle;

4 due to the high cost of the plate, the need to mass production, to reduce the cost;

5 overprints, high rejection rate, large color deviation;

6 with many years of experience in skilled workers.


A3 Epson Jet EP1800 T-shirt printing:

1 no plate making, digital printing fast and low cost, support for a variety of computer output software;

2 directly through the computer at any time to change color, without paying additional costs;

3 to complete the printing and printing, to meet the needs of the sample and the finished product;

4 unit price from printing, large quantities can be matched with mold production, save time and effort;

5 color image of a color gradient, fully meet the photo quality;

6 can be quickly mastered, without professional skills, 30 minutes to produce quality.

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