08:58 pm
08 December 2021

Print head cleaning steps and points for attention

Print head cleaning steps and points for attention

The cleaning process:

1. Carefully remove the print, remove the ink cartridges and the cover, carefully observe the print head, find the right nozzle and nozzle position, to ascertain the degree of clogging.

2. General cleaning: If nozzle blockage is not very serious, glue pipe  one end of the connected with the MIMAKI JV34 print head  on the hose nozzle should have a certain degree of tension, that is too loose, or when the water pressure in the hose will spill. With a syringe filled with water (with needle) into the other end of the hose, first gently push the syringe, and sewage overflow from vents, repeated for each nozzle cleaning nozzle open.

3. Special cleaning :nozzle clogging is serious at times, pushed syringes no overflow of sewage from the vents. At this point, needed “grooming.” Its approach is: first look with a magnifying glass holes, visible residues from the spray edge deposit a large amount, and then cut the sharp incline with a hose to the end, gently clean the nozzle until the water sprayed out of the nozzle.238

During the cleaning process should be aware of the following:

1. Clean the spray residue of material, to be cut sharply, but its hardness cannot be more than the material hardness otherwise scratch holes.

2.Not use hand or other objects touching the electrical contacts of the print part, not to soak. If you have a small amount of water sprinkled on the top, use a soft, dry cloth remove  as soon as possible .234