09:08 pm
08 December 2021

Principle of 3D printer printing house !

Principle of 3D printer printing house !

3D printers and printers, is a cumulative manufacturing technologies, rapid prototyping machine, it is based on a digital model file, the use of special wax material, adhesive materials such as powdered metal or plastic, through print layers of bonding material to create a three dimensional object. Printers are used to produce products at this stage. Print to construct objects layer by layer technique. 3D printer works and material data in a 3D printer, the machine will follow the program layer product created.2013060313203686700

3D stacked thin layer can vary. 3D printer and the biggest difference is that it uses the traditional printer “ink” is the real raw material, stacking thin-layer in the form of a variety, can be used to print a variety of media, from a wide   variety of plastics to metals, ceramics and rubber-like materials.FLASHFORGE 3D Printer can combine different media, a hard and a soft printed objects.

1, some 3D printer using “inkjet” approach. Even with the printer head will be a very thin layer of liquid plastic substance sprayed on the mold tray, this coating is then placed under ultraviolet light. Mould tray after declining minimum distance for the next level up.

2, others used a technique called “deposition” technology, the whole process is melted plastic in the nozzle, and then only by way of deposit plastic fibers form a thin layer.

200712140919168483, some systems use a technique called “laser” technique in powder particles as the print media. Powder particles are sprayed on the mold tray to form a very thin layer of powder, into the specified shape, then carried out by jets of liquid adhesives curing.

4, and in others, is the flow of electrons in a vacuum melted powder particles, when faced with complex structure that contains holes and cantilever, media may be added in gel or other material to support or to occupy the space. This part of the powder will not be cast in, finally just water or air cleaning off support to formation of pores.