04:50 pm
14 June 2021

Precision 3D printers can be used to judge the thickness. Yes Or No?

Precision 3D printers can be used to judge the thickness. Yes Or No?

I3 pro-B 3D Printer, mainly depends on the following factors

1, mechanical walking system with reasonable accuracy;yhyyyu

2, software control systems are reasonable;

3, chassis, base, there can be no wobble or loose;

4, do not select the belt or rack with the walking connection flexible connection of the class structure, in order to ensure no jitter when running without modification;3D printers, mainly depends on the following factors;

5, machine frameworks should be firm, the best is the industrial production of chassis;

6, to select the quality of stepper motors and sound software technical support;

These are the factors affecting the accuracy of printers, only take these factors into account, in order to make high precision, good stability of the machine. We don’t trust the manufacturers!

responsible for lifting the machine below the z-axis (thickness) to do a precise explanationty77
First of all, we want to know–a motor step motor, it differs from ordinary AC and DC motor, General Motors to turn, but stepping motors are not, stepper motor is to receive a command performs one step, no glide power motor week round of distribution is the precision of motor, step size is size stepper motor precision.
For example, a stepper motor into a week: 80, 100, 200, 280, 300, and so on. Following is the z axis of stepper motor, Arbor is the z axis.
Stepper motor with chip program is how to control 3D layers thick it?
Explain briefly the stepper motor driven z axis, z axis of rotary machine head rise, resulting in thicker. Some brands of 3D printers are 50 types of stepper motors (that is, outside the motor diameter was 50mm), weekly for 200 steps, z axis pitch of 1.75mm, then you could calculate the 3D printed products for each step of the story as “=0.0875mm thick 1.75mm ÷ 200 step.”tyui
Apart of stepper motor
X axis, the y axis is the same, it is the precision of a hair, for those who used fake is the absolute accuracy of the technical people. But this is not the end result, in our technology, and programming techniques can also be used stepper motor one step further broken down into 20 steps, which is 0.0875mm divided by 20 is equal to 0.004375, this figure is lower than the molecular weight of the printed material. Therefore, is not based only on the layer thickness to determine the accuracy of.