06:21 am
18 January 2022

Practice makes perfect 3D print masterpiece

Practice makes perfect 3D print masterpiece

If you think that 3D printing can print only rough and simple objects, then you misunderstood it, sister 3Doodler finished work abroad, you will find that there is a kind of art that practice makes perfect, there is an art called 3D printing works.168

The girl at the end of 2013 named Esra Oguz came into contact with cheap 3d pens, so her age is 2 years. At first did not know how to apply print to create a smooth, curved object, after the continuous exploration and practice, Esra Oguz create amazing works–flower basket.169

Esra Oguz explained: “at first, I did not intend to graffiti is so large and detailed works of art, just wanted to create a simple bouquet of flowers, I began to use 3Doodler to print a one flower, the result comes off as a bunch of. This whole big basket I used for about a month’s time, spend 4-5 hours a day. ”170

Of course, such beautiful works in addition to print, have to resort to some other force, such as hair dryers heat you can print some parts become curved surfaces, thus creating a more perfect details. Esra Oguz said she will patiently filled surface of any space, and the heat makes the plastic surface is smoother, this, certainly not to affect the overall form of graffiti.