05:13 pm
14 June 2021

Powerful instrument output, not only that

LQ – 735 – k paper printers, print speed, qualified for a long time a large number

of continuous printing, super facsimile copy ability more practical, stable and

reliable performance, can effectively improve office efficiency.


1390 printhead


LQ – 735 – k using all steel print head, life is as high as 400 million/needle

print the total to 20 million lines, the highest printing speed is 173 characters

per second, with 1 + 6 copy ability, even the final waybill, handwriting still

with clarity. In the paper, on the applicability of MTBF of 10000 hours, its

advanced print head overheating protection, can be truly man machine

without rest, completely avoid the impact due to the printer malfunction.


In addition to the commonly used and the connecting outlets, add the USB

interface, convenient connection notebook. The new improved mechanical

sensor, for single page paper feel even more acute.

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