01:05 pm
01 August 2021

Power debugging “Prusa Mendel full production”

Power debugging “Prusa Mendel full production”
Printers have all been completed, now need to be injected into the soul of the 3D printer, of course, also need to install the PC software. I choose Marlin V1 firmware, PC need to install 4 software, Arduino-0022, Slic3r,  pronterface, and netfabbInstaller.
First, download the firmware
Open Arduino-0022 select Board type and series number, Marlin firmware is compiled and downloaded to the atmega2560.
Second, debugging, after the printer is powered on, whether temperature indicator is normal, if the near room temperature, normal, behind hot bed and extruder heating (if temperature is abnormal, be sure not to let hot extruder heating, so as not to burn). First debug x-yz axis movement is normal, no problems then debug hotbed level. Z moved to a home in the up 1mm, move the x and y axis head consistent distance from the hot bed, then adjust accordingly. Extruder and heat heating, temperature measurement is correct. E is the most difficult to adjust axis (that is, the extruder). Extruder temperature protection, did not reach the appropriate temperature, e shaft motors are prohibited. If the extruder the material properly, that back you can start simple print test.
Test extruder is normal, OK you can smooth out

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