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01 August 2021

Philips introduces world’s first limited edition personalized 3D print shaver

Philips introduces world’s first limited edition personalized 3D  print shaver

On January 21, 2016, the Philips company to commemorate the 125 anniversary of the company to launch an activity, will provide 125lucky guys with a design, personalization and purchasing the world’s first 3d printing electric shaver opportunities.945

As we all know, Philips is known for providing a range of high quality men’s electric shaver . The company launched the limited edition 3d print of a razor on performance and quality aren’t inferior, It is said that the shaver is equipped with a fully washable, multiple – precision blade systems, 5 Flex head and ” Super Lift and Cut Action ” double cutter head,, such a configuration in many Philips shaver product is the top level.Finally, the company also provides two – year warranty for this product.In order to develop 3D print, not only to improve the 3D printing technology, but also to improve our service.For example,Seiko Spt510 Printhead not only good quality but also good after-sales service.944

Of course, since this is a pilot project – the first 3d printing Philips electric shaver — pace remained cautious until now.Therefore, this limited edition 3d printing shaver only sale 125 ( to celebrate the 125 anniversary of the company in May this year ), in the next six months, the 3DShaver Website every day to sell up to two 3d printing razor, and only  in the Netherland consumers  can buy.946

The pilot of the new products would seem to be the first in a limited range of Philips tradition, this will ensure that new product launch success rate to the maximum.In addition, the company intends to keep in touch with the original 125 consumers to obtain their feedback and responses to the new product. If all goes well, the company may launch this product on a global scale.942