12:43 am
31 October 2020

Personalized medicine next stop : 3D print of drugs

Personalized medicine next stop : 3D print of drugs

In the past decade, 3D printing is imagination and blurring the boundaries between the actual manufacturing of implementation. Computer – aided 3D printing technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , which open the customized medical revolutionary possibilities of various new and exciting.119

In recent years, the 3D printing technology is well known in our life.The typical representative is the cheap 3D pens. Many people achieve their childhood dreams through it. Now, 3D printing technology is applied to many areas.

Aprecia the successful deployment of this technology, developed the world’s first 3D print of Spritam ( chemical name : levetiracetam, the treatment of epilepsy drugs ).The pills can be printed very strong permeability, after contact with water will dissolve quickly. This is undoubtedly an unrivaled features, so that the pill can resist a good work — A sudden twitch.116

3D print made large doses, can be quickly dissolved pills made possible, giving doctors on delivery speed and strength of customization capabilities and full control.By printing surface area of the complex change the shape of the pill, can control the dose intensity and time of release. The dose for achieving a safer, more efficient management will go a long way.