04:27 pm
30 July 2021

Epson fifth-generation piezoelectric photo machine nozzle piezoelectric pictorial machine print head nozzle



EPSON4800, 7800,9800, 7880, 9880, the whole si column print head sufficient inventory, absolute good, our company imported epson five generations head for 10 years,

Epson 187000

4880C Printhead

F186010 ,F186000, F158010 ,F187000, F160010 fifth-generation nozzle for epson 48 si column, 78 si column, 98 si column,

Suitable for muto 900 c, 901,1604 mimaki jv33, jv5, domestic photo machine machine and the five dynasties.

F186000 / F186010 – epson 1900 2880 head, is gold on the surface casing corrosion resistance. As head of oily

F187000 – epson4880, 7880988 head is gold on the surface, water shell

F160010 epson4800, 7800980, the head surface is gray surface, water-based shell

F158010 — epson1800, 2400, the head surface is gray surface, water-based shell

1604900 C, mutoh mimaki jv5, the original machine F160010 model is the print head, general, 158010,187 000,186 000

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