03:14 pm
30 July 2021

Optomec , 3D printer manufacturers,by GE, Autodesk investment

Optomec , 3D printer manufacturers,by GE, Autodesk investment

On December 2, 2015, the famous optomec 3d printer manufacturers announced that the company has access to Ge ventures and Autodesk ( Autodesk ) the company’s strategic investments, its purpose is to promote optomec such as 3d print sensor, 3d print, electronic, 3d printing metal proprietary solutions in the areas of investment, production and deployment.Spark investment fund owned by Autodesk through its participation in this venture. According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network, and before optomec cooperation with GE ventures and Autodesk has a very good record.However,HP 9000s printhead also has a good record.200

For many years, optomec has been using its patented aerosol Jet ( aerosol spray ) printed electronics technology to the 3d printed antennas and sensors.According to the company, aerosol jet printing mainly use the aerodynamic focus on precise deposition of nano – materials, thereby creating elaborate functional circuits and embedded components without using a mask or die.The width of the resulting electronic product lines or patterns characteristic of up to 10 microns.

Ge ventures company invests in software, advanced manufacturing, energy and healthcare sectors and, in effect, optomec one of the earliest clients.Back in 2005, the Company purchased a aerosol jet printing of electronic systems, Since then relations have been growing between them.Recently, GE ventures optomec cooperate in the 3d sensor, that is, with the 3d sensor print directly on higher – value parts to improve in charge of the mechanical system life cycle.2006

Autodesk, as a leading 3d design software developers, it has deeper with optomec origin : All along, Autodesk software tools are used to generate the design – time data to 3d drive optomec system.With this investment, the two companies will develop software tools to achieve increased material manufacturing seamless connection of hardware and software, and such software is based on spark 3d printing platform.