02:46 am
21 June 2021

Only beautiful women with beautiful scenery is complex Photos will be printed

We often see in some scenic spots or bridge “one yuan to print photographs” stalls,

take this I went to Qingdao, saw no less than 5 on the pier, if you are careful enough,

you will find that they are mostly used printers , because without him, the print cost

is low. As a family to use photo printer, I recommend the R330, this is a classic,

it is often sold out of stock.


9700 Printhead


Professional quality photo printers, R330, using the fingerprint

fuselage, fashion with taste; With 6 color of water and new print head,

which can realize optimization of 5760 x1440dpi print resolution, print

cost economy, better color performance, also support the id photo printing,

image enhancement and creative great post, and other functions.


As R270 upgrade,R330 business photo printer USES the cool black style

design business photo printers, R330 airframe adopt fingerprint fuselage

fashion with taste. Used the new nozzle, can spit out five different sizes

of intelligence drops, large size drops can speed up the printing, the small

size drops can improve the printing accuracy, in both print speed at the

same time, improve the quality of the print.

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