02:51 am
25 September 2021

On summer vacation, 3D printing a fishing rod and go fishing

On summer vacation, 3D printing a fishing rod and go fishing
Casey Johnson is an avid lover of 3D printing, is also worthy of a guest. He would often come up with some unique designs, but sometimes very useful 3D printing works. Recently, he designs and 3D print out a complete fishing rods. This may be the world‘s first 3D print a rod and reel.
I think, design a rod available will be an interesting challenge. I‘m glad to see that it eventually to be really good. Johnson said, the whole thing since I started to use 3D printing‘s rod catch fish using only one day, very simple.
Of course, this is due in large part to Johnson a master, he used AutoCAD design composed of rods and reels of 3 major components, including rod, reel and crank. Then, print them out, if you have a 3D printer big enough or multiple parts simultaneously, 3D printing. According to Tico social understanding, print out the parts very well assembled, it only takes a few minutes to install.
This rod Assembly is very simple and easy. Johnson said, you have to do is push rods reels on the principal retainer, align the small hole in the Middle, then cranks inserted into a small hole. You also can according to their own habits (such as lefty) design, or to add some decoration, make it look better.
Johnson told us that eventually produced the rod is in good condition, and the intensity is very high. In addition, Johnson has been getten a fish with it.

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