03:54 am
21 June 2021

Obama talk about guns in tears, 3D print gun destiny goes from here

Obama talk about guns in tears, 3D print gun destiny goes from here


In recent days, the picture of Obama in tears can be seen everywhere on the Internet, this is not a prank, but a very serious matter. It is reported that US president Obama hold  a press conference at the White House on January 5,announced a series of administrative measures to curb gun violence. 925

According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network, the United States population about 300 million, the armed amount over 300 million. The shooting  frequently happened in the country. All along, regulated firearms, even ban’s comments are prevalent, before Obama, Clinton is also regulated firearms advocates, but want to in  a country that preaches democracy is not easy to implement the relevant policies. 929

This time, you might think 3d print of firearms,recently, Cody Wilson accused the United States courts, it’s already all over, some time ago, several members publicly supporting Wilson,  think that 3d print of firearms in force not within the scope of management.Till now, the case is still no results, the trend of the situation is uncertain, unpredictable. But you can be sure is that if the Obama administration of this act,the barrel can be carried out smoothly, the  case may be affected ,3d printing guns’ fate will once again welcome the challenge .However,with the development of 3D print technology,3D printing is applied to each aspect.Recently,ABS 3d printer is popular with people.924

In fact, for the 3d print of firearms in some countries, including Australia, has introduced a series of related policies.For example, now has a 3d gun or print files are illegal, France also proposed to the European Union regard  have a 3d print of firearms chart as illegal.923

Many guests are unhappy about this, such as the forementioned Cody Wilson, think 3D print firearms aren’t illegal  and related management initiatives in violation of their freedom.Some of the public believes that 3D print firearms  also  have considerable damage, appropriate controls are necessary.