01:17 pm
01 August 2021

NX1 per minute UV printer 3D Printing speeds of up to 1 cm

NX1 per minute UV printer 3D Printing speeds of up to 1 cm

In the fiel1-1511211T61ACd of 3D printers, speed is a very notable topic, this is, of course, because most of the 3D print speed has been less than satisfactory reasons, faster 3D printing solution has always been more popular. Recently, the well-known raised platforms on the Kickstarter, a NX1 Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer at an extreme rate attracted the attention of many people. Reconstruction of the machine known as the SLA, 3D printing technology–developing out own lubrication layer UV curing (LSPc,Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring) technology–the highest 3D even almost 1 cm per minute print speed and print quality will not be sacrificed! Look, this technology comparable to the CLIP earlier this year renowned technology. This is the most current 3D printers and Cheap 3D Pens huge differences, most of these technologies are established on the basis of the melting temperature of printing supplies.

Obviously, if these allegations true, NX1 is definitely a revolutionary product. So, its developers are who? Is a company from Italy startup Nexa3D, the company’s headquarters are located in Rome, its founder, 3 senior engineers: Gianni Zitelli, specializing in information technology, electronics, electrical engineering and energy; Luciano Tringali, with 40 engineering experience, Enel Industry Company Executive Andrea Denaro, digital entrepreneurs. When the three of them set up in the company has set a challenging goal: to usher in the age of fast 3D printing.1-1511211T60A48

“While everyone else is busy thinking about how to make the user wait a few hours for their 3D printing tasks is still satisfied, and we simply focus on wait time reduction in the first place. Super fast speed, desktop design, high accuracy and intelligent functionality, NX1 are different from any other 3D printers. “The team announced. This is a used unibody and cool design Desktop 3D printer, it combines the quality engineering of Humanized design, high quality and solid body, especially rapid 3D printing technology. NX1-d print level level cut time from hours to minutes to complete (the stratification speeds up every three minutes an inch (2.54 cm)), it can be completed in time for your coffee print job–and now the situation is that many people in when the print button is pressed on the bed, wake up the print is not necessarily complete.

–Nexa3D and that one of the 1-1511211TF2P4LSPc is critical technology team spent two years strained the Crystal. This revolutionary technology not only dramatically accelerate 3D printing time, and by avoiding stratification in most sequences thus achieved extraordinary precision in the z axis. As for how it works, the team says, which essentially out of UV-curing technology common bottom-up way. “LSPc ™ technology in the bottom of the barrel, light curing resins were involved between the light source and a layer of transparent film. System by gradually releasing a film of oil, make resin suspended in the 1-1511211T625244substrate. The core of the system is that this oil, it can create an inhibitor, lift platform to avoid the new curing out. “They explained.

In short, this means that the use of such lubricants will release out of print objects from the platform, which makes the machine more speeds is solved. At the time of curing resin layer by layer, it does not require the continuous refresh, the result is a watch alone, you will be able to feel the steady growth. Development team designed an algorithm to optimize printing process based on the specific characteristics of the selected object, thereby achieving incredible speeds. Complete specification can be seen at the bottom of the page.