03:46 am
21 June 2021

Not just beautiful, let’s enjoy how Japanese packaging is designed

ind1exJapanese packaging design has been the leader of packaging industry for a long time, not only because it has beautiful appearance and chic packaging, but also because it makes Japanese excellent traditional culture deep implanted. when learning Japanese traditional culture constantly, it innovates to achieve development, thus in world packaging industry it is unique, even in many field has gone frontier in world. Besides winning market and achieving enterprise economic, it also brings more of wonderful for people’s life. Japanese printing is also exquisite with fine printheads, such as Konica printheads.

“Modern”, “Traditional” two packing styles display themselves.

indexIn Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Nagoya and the Aichi World Expo, corner shops, souvenir shops, boutiques, supermarkets, department stores and large shopping mall, giving the first impression is that Japan is a society that supply is greater than demand, with an array of goods. From the perspective of packaging design, styles can be broadly divided into two categories, one is the modern “foreign”, and the other is a traditional “peaceful”. Just like Japanese girls on the street, some has an affair with colorful hair, dressed in exaggerated fashion image, and some wearing a traditional kimono and clogs, stepping on the small, scattered, elegant demure image. Two such styles echoes, making people feel the modern and traditional, rustic and modern coexist in harmony.

“Foreign” packaging show today’s mainstream consumer mentality of the population-urban life-fashion in Japan, open and blind faith; “peaceful” packaging reflects this traditional Japanese cultural spirit attachment complex.

Today Japanese “peaceful” packaging concernes for people, first of all because of the designer develops the national ind2exfeatures and also seeks to work with the times, and produces a new style of fashion; secondly, because its Oriental spirit and traditional culture are inextricably linked. Today, Japan has made into Japan-specific national cultural spirit based on the traditional Chinese culture, and on this basis seeks to the Japan of the atmosphere and in the modern context, out to praise Japan packaging art style and a new road.