02:50 am
21 June 2021

No 3D Printing For This One London School ?!3D Printer Pen is the answer!


One school in London has certainly made a stand regarding technology, as they’ve banned it not only from schools, but ask the parents to do so across the board at home as well. We’ve reported previously on how much children seem to thrive learning about the science of 3D printing, as well as how little the older generations seem to get it–or many other technologies as well. Is the Acorn School denying children an educational right, as well as a much-needed skill set for the future? Read more at 3DPrint.


I’m not sure if they will be omitted from the era. But this would only fight the trend.
The wide use of 3D printing is not just limited to construction and medical care. Just next to be included in the field of education (now should have been applied). From the model and the 3D creation. Is inseparable from the role of 3D printers. It will be a revolution!


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