04:50 pm
14 June 2021

new nozzles for the year against Pro x

In September 2012, brand market continue to rise, attention has

exceeded fifty percent, to 51.0%. Printer business, therefore, our

business has a certain advantage, whether it is a single page printing costs,

or its highly competitive business environment adaptability.

Epson 187000

R1900 Printhead

As is known to all, because of high quality color ink-jet printer output,

thus in high demand still solid position in commercial inkjet printer on

the market. Many factors are scream, high-end commercial printer in

the future market prospect extremely.

Thus, towards quality inkjet printer business, and will expand

commercial printing engineering. It is reported, in 2013 years

driven type piezoelectric inkjet print head, is in the last

2012 investment and mass production. If the new nozzle printer has

greatly improvement in speed then known as the world’s high-speed

Officejet Pro X series inkjet printers, are likely to usher in the competition in the future.

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