10:01 pm
04 July 2020

New Epson large format printer upgrade

New Epson large format printer upgrade
Recently, the world famous print brands Epson lock professional graphics output area, heavy series of four new large format printersthe 44-inch wide Epson SureColor flagship product P9080/P8080 and 24-inch wide Epson SureColor P7080/P6080. The new products of the four listed, will further enhance the high-end imaging, art copying and digital printing industry standard. Meanwhile, high performance, high quality of output devices, and further enrich and extend the Epson large format imaging products, will also become Art Studio, high-end photographic agencies and other professional users business tool.With all that said, don’t know whether the many popular printhead such as Epson 9910 Printhead will be upgraded ?
New pigment ink color area wide original-epson-9910-9700-7910-7700-printhead-f191040-f191010-1171

With the improvement of graphic images for output quality, user demands for large format printers have become more stringent, such as photography, art reproduction industry requires large format printers must not only meet high resolution, print, bright colours, shadow, dark rich layers of finished products and so on, also supports the simulation of spot colors to a more real picture or restore work of subtlety. Today, the world famous print brands Epson for graphic images, creative launched the new ink systema new generation of color HDXTM pigment ink system Epson SureColor P9080/P7080 large format printer.

Epson new color HDXTM colour pigment ink system with two systems: the expression of color with violet ink 11color ink set and highlight transition with a touch of grayblack ink set. And Shang generation ink system compared, containing violet color ink of 11 color ink group in the violet color ink alternative has light black ink, although less has a level black, but print image of color domain space in blue and purple regional has has obviously upgrade, can restore out more big of color saturated degrees, Pantone ® color card color scheme system of coverage reached 99%, to achieved on image color of full optimization.
In addition, the black and white output requires user, you can choose to highlight the transition with a touch of gray black 11color ink set, the same ink color as the generation of ink on Epson, a collection of twogeneration ink technology, although there is no violet spot color, but coverage of the Pantone ® color matching system remained in 98%. Participate in light black ink prints can be more pure, neutral gray, especially suitable for output tones of black and white photography. In addition, Epson new color HDXTM pigment ink system black ink black ink pigment particles than previousgeneration ink increased by 50%, get more black color dynamic range and better grayscale transitions, highconcentration black ink can not only restore a deeper black, additional levels of detail within dark areas are being restored.
Meanwhile, 9 color output area, Epson introduced the color HDXTM pigment ink companion pieceliving color HDTM pigment ink, retained the traditional CMYK ink color, use Epson SureColor P8080/P6080 printer. Package through the pursuit of a higher price, although not equipped with orange, green, violet, three spot colors involved in print, but due to Epson‘s advanced ink technology, remained as high as 93% coverage of Pantone ® color matching system. Meanwhile, black and white works often appear in the hot blonde also achieved a huge breakthrough and improving. It is worth mentioning that, two new pigment ink system and colorful print Epson original media works, save more, has also become a perfect choice for collectible video output produced in the late.
Equipment constantly upgrades the interpretation in brand
As imaging output industry‘s leading brands, Epson has been committed to provide customers with more perfect solutions in the industry, continue to enhance the quality of the output and quality of service, to meet the higher demand. The launch of the new equipment with Epson Micro Piezo printing technology as the core, new Epson LUT technology unique, through the seamless integration of high fidelity of ink colors, maximize the use of the color field, not only to ensure color fidelity, but also can effectively reduce the grainy, reduce metamerism, and increased ink efficiency and ensure a smooth transition between levels. In addition, the new device automatically detects the nozzle, so user-friendly setting enables the print head maintenance more convenient.
Optional hard drive is a highlight of the new, 320G high capacity hard disks may be required to meet the large volume of data image, ensure consistent print accuracy, media case, output the images do not need to connect a computer to direct output, greatly saves the data transfer time, productivity has improved significantly and facilitate cost savings to industry conditions. In terms of color calibration, Epson introduces new professional color management tools–Epson Color Printer Calibration Utility, can be used to print for a long time after the printer color calibration, can also be used for more than one printer color calibration, user debugging easier.
Epson Epson SureColor P9080/8080/7080/6080 the release of four highprecision largeformat printers, adhering to the art micro Jet Epson TM has always advocated the color expression, in parallel with the common interpretation of the perfect Visual Arts for high-end collections and image output from an innovation.