05:23 pm
14 June 2021

Nervous System showing the latest design 3D printed dress Kinematic

Nervous System showing the latest  design 3D printed dress Kinematic

In 2014, 3D design studios Nervous System shows them using the unique 4D clothing print system fully 3D print dress Kinematics Dress . This piece was New York’s Museum of modern art (MoMA), and became its permanent collection. Today, the Studio got a delegate, the Boston Museum of fine arts (MFA) and then make a 3D print dress, to the Museum for the upcoming March 6, 2016 #Techstyle exhibition until July 10.156

Remember that the Kinematics of a 3D print dress just came out attracted widespread attention because it shows the Amazon T-shirt Printer and manufacturing capability. This 3D print dress has a fabric vertical sense and sense of flow, is also the most suitable for 3D printing clothing. In other words, it’s closer to we are used to the traditional clothing. And, because this dress is on-demand manufacturing, designers fully 3D digital design by means of scanning during the design process using. But this garment is a one-time overall 3D print, print out clothing, without any assembling.154

And this one is about Kinematic Petals dress unveiled at the MFA exhibition is a step than the previous one, designers in many ways to improve it, and added a new element of design. All clothes are nearly triangular petals (one of Petal petals) closely stacked together. In addition, the clothes using a nylon material, and 3D printing and selective laser sintering technology.152