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18 January 2022

Necessary and inevitable— Soft UV Curable Ink

Necessary and inevitable— Soft UV Curable Ink
Inkjet printing is a focus of the global printing industry, accounted for half of the total North American printing market in the world, revenue growth from 70% ink-jet printing. Ink-jet printing equipment industry in China started late, but rapid development in recent years. In terms of regional distribution, inkjet printing equipment manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in the economically developed Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai rim region. In the Chinese market, in 2015, the ink-jet printing equipment market will reach 8.66 billion yuan. On the development trend and market concentration in the field will continue to improve, the market will continue to expand. Facing the opportunities and challenges will be more.
It have 3 oppotunites: The first is the downstream market demand growth
                                         The second is production scale expansion

                                         The third and i think the most important environmentally ink-jet printing.                                                                               (Using more environmentally friendly materials is the future trend.)
Next, ink-jet printing technology in the areas of expansion, in addition to the requirements save during the printing job, environmental no hazards, downstream applications (such as food, beverages, medicines and cigarettes, etc) printed products required to meet the low residual solvent, little odor, nontoxic, pollution-free requirements. Future of inkjet printing equipment design will tend to lower energy consumption, streamline processes, reduce harmful emissions and other directions.

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