03:00 am
25 September 2021

NASA research rocket engine which is fully 3d printing

NASA research rocket engine which is fully 3d printing

NASA spend a lot of time and energy  in developing 3d printing technology, allows to build complex parts of a rocket engine using a 3d printer.NASA using 3d printing in April of the year, copper parts of a rocket engine, after that ,scientists use 3d printing copper turbine pumps, the test speed of 90,000 revolutions per minute.

Now NASA teams are going a step further and use 3D printing multiple parts, can be assembled into a complete rocket engines and ignition test, which involves cryogenic liquid hydrogen and oxygen, the resulting thrust of 20000 pounds.I believe that in several years later,3D printing industry developed by leaps and bounds.Recently, a high resolution printers became popular in the market,named ABS 3D Printers.


3d printing technology is seen as improving the design of the spacecraft, one of the key technologies that make it affordable for space exploration. NASA plans to try out different propellant in the future, including liquid oxygen and liquid methane, which is the main propellant used by the NASA manned landing on Mars, because liquid oxygen and methane on Mars might be able to manufacture.1011

NASA said that at current,the rocket engine tests , there are 75 parts using 3d printing technology for the construction, of 7 tests, some of the test of time for up to 10 seconds, the 3d print portions of the rocket engine parts temperatures as high as 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit.1009