12:28 am
31 October 2020

MyMinifactory will launch a design of real – time collaboration platform on – line

MyMinifactory will launch a design of  real – time collaboration platform on – line

In the past few years, 3d printing technology has become more easily accepted by the mainstream public, such as on the Internet has many 3d models  for enthusiasts as a free download and 3d printing, or modify according to your intentions.And now, the famous 3d model sharing platform ,MyMiniFactory one step closer, launched its still in alpha version of collaborative 3d Design Platform Wedesign.Live, making 3d print lovers every step of the creation  can share with the outside world, and to receive suggestions from the outside world.I believe that with the development of 3D printing technology,there will be more people are exposed to 3D printing.Nowadays,young people like originality something ,for example,Nail Art Printer is popular with people because it is widely used in many areas, such as Image Design Center, Beauty Parlor, Wedding Studio, Fashion Store, Nail Salon, Hair Salon, Shopping Mall, etc.


This is a really cool concept. If you are always have problems in the process of designing, so why not outsource them , and share your expertise?In simple terms , this is Wedesign. Live to do thing. According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network, MyMinifactory team is starting in about a year ago committed to the concept, they dream of achieving an open source collaboration and accessibility, it will enable programmers give full play to their skills.This project was originally called mp5, now renamed WeDesign. Live– the focus of this is ” we “.” Moving away from the Internet ” me ” Time ( itunes ) and ” you ” The Times ( Youtube ),WeDesign are embraced with open arms, ” we ” Power : Barrier – free work together to learn, play and build complex and decentralised organisation.” they said.622