11:50 am
01 August 2021

Most comfortable shoes in history was 3D printed for 108 hours

Most comfortable shoes in history was 3D printed for 108 hours

Commissioned by Minister of Education Department in Netherlands, Troy Nachtigall, a famous 3D printing designer is working on  fit, breathable, comfortable, high elasticity, and sweat-absorbing shoes, and committing to make 3D imagesprinted shoes what are best for feet health. Now we can 3D print many things with 3D printers and cheap 3D pens, according to our interests.

First, 3D printed shoes are feet customized, so reduce the likelihood of rubbing the sole; Secondly, data shows that when jumping, shoes bear the 4 times weight of the body, so the sole stretch needs to be designed based on the person’s weight, to ensure private ordering from details.

Of course, the shoes must have good breathability. The designer thought that Egypt woven linen can suck the sweat immediately, providing the user with a comfortable night’s sleep. So he imagined that such materials for multilayer stacks as a lining of the shoes and add micro holes to increase breathability and make them breathe, then reduce the occurrence of footindex disease.

It is reported that the printed shoes started with two printers, and lasted for 108 hours to complete. Later it was increased to 9 printers to speed up productivity. Its printed material was recycled; recycle waste materials can be used as raw materials for printing.