01:25 pm
01 August 2021

More intuitive operation,and you deserve it

7908 printer is worth choosing of high-end work process, today to introduce

the 7908,which is a 24 inches (A1 +) 9 color large format printer toner cartridge.


R2400 printhead

7908 (plain paper, A1 level, draft mode) the printing speed is about 0.8 minutes

(plain paper, A1 wide, general model) for about 1.5 minutes, (paper, A1 level,

general pattern) is about 2.7 minutes, (photo paper, A1 level, high quality model)

is about 4.5 minutes, (photo paper, A1 level, the quality model) is about 6.8 minutes.


Use “century rainbow K3″ VM pigment ink, its light fastness can guarantee color

photos, black and white photos of more than 85 years do not fade, do not change

color (in a glass box). In addition, the pigment ink using special formula (resin paint)

has a very high waterproof performance.

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