02:01 am
21 June 2021

Metal 3D printing how to influence the fashion and luxury industry?

Metal 3D printing how to influence the fashion and luxury industry?

We always think metal 3D printing with traditional machining in the automotive, aerospace, medical treatment to these application fields.Did you ever think about being a metallic 3D printing in the luxury sector?3

In fact,3D printing is prevailing in our real life, just like cheap 3D pens.When we are in idle hours,we often use it to embody our ideas and create original things that only belong to ourselves.That’s really wonderful experience!

Add material manufacture in the product development and prototyping has been widely used, in the field of metal 3D printing, the line of sight of people pay more attention to small batch production of high-value components, such as aerospace, medical and defense department of the metal material manufacturing technology.And pay little attention to another rising industry: luxury goods industry

6Luxury industry span is very big, including high fashion and fashion, like high-end accessories, jewelry and watches, yachts, cars and sculpture art, art and decoration.
the biggest challenge that Luxury goods industry face is to attract more and more complex diverse customer base, and for each customer to provide a truly unique and valuable services.New trends and way of life, under the new culture and high culture of innovation , the consumption main body can no longer endure traditional and too mainstream pop.And 3D printing metal properly help luxury achieve easier and more personalized.