05:34 am
22 October 2021

“Meet Rainbow and get Rainbow” by 3D printing sorter

“Meet Rainbow and get Rainbow” by 3D printing sorter

One TV advertising slogan of Skittles, that is “meet Rainbow and get Rainbow”, attracts a lot of children. Colorful rainbow sugars, wrapped in different tastes, can bring endless imagination everytime when you eat.

indexRecently, a foreign maker eat Skittles in fancy ways. Nathan Peterson is used to taste Skittles after separating them by colors. But people may think it is too much trouble! He solved this problem through his own creativity, designed and 3D printed out a full automatic Skittles sorting machine. 3D printing is a imaginative technology, for example you can DIY many things by TUYA 3D pen.

Sorting machines are made mainly by the Arduino Uno and Zitrades color ind1exsensor to determine the color. Nathan also installed LED inside the machine, so as not to make wrong judgment of color. When Skittles color is identified, it will be routed to the specified tray.

He said he worked on this project, just in order to give himself some challenges. When using new 3D printer, and at the same time he can also put his design concept into reality.

If there is a 3D printer around you, you can also do it!