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18 January 2022

Malta spend 15.4 million Euros for 3D printing and other equipment for education

Malta spend 15.4 million Euros for 3D printing and other equipment for education

The afternoon of January 25th, 2016, the Maltese government announced it would provide additional funding of 15.4 million Euros to invest in equipment and infrastructure in the field of education.Local teachers have been complaining they now use the device is too slow, inefficient, but block the students’ learning.626

It is understood that a considerable part of the investment will be used to purchase notebook computers, tablet computers and interactive whiteboards, for use by teachers and students.And on the procurement list also includes 76 3d printers and 28 3d scanners. The project coordinator Joe Mamo said ” this technology is expected to shape the future “, and other schools across Europe are investing in similar courses.I believe that in the next few years, 3d printing technologies will cover more areas.For example,Nail Art Printer,the Nail Beauty, is becoming a new fashion industry, it has a faster development, and has become an important part of personal image and image design.627

Allegedly due to the existence of the Internet, students are increasingly under the influence of information outside of the classroom, so for 3d printing technology investments can help students according to their design and turn it into entity objects, thus reviving classrooms that sometimes have seemed ordinary.629

Vice Premier of the Republic of Malta, Louis Grech further stressed that the current learnt at school and in the actual work will be used  the knowledge gap is getting bigger and bigger, and said, ” We can’t take yesterday’s tools used in teaching for the future “.Overall, the very popular investment will allow teachers to better prepare his lessons, waste less time and improve efficiency, or you can allow students to learn from teachers and the subject that they are learning closer interaction .