01:44 pm
28 October 2020

Magic inks what can make your life colorful!

Magic inks what can make your life colorful!

What kind of “ink” we need to make 3D printing becomes reality?
Essential materials:
To print 3D ways of making things, we need computer software, automation and control, equipment manufacturing u=1240872621,1232654993&fm=21&gp=0and many other areas of close cooperation, but there is no doubt that no suitable materials, 3D pie on the print will just remain on paper. Then what kind of materials 3D printed are needed?
From the 3D printing process mentioned earlier we can easily see that 3D printing needs the material: it must  very easy for 3D printers join the designated area, and once arrived at the specified location, it must be able to maintain u=3427306130,1930233013&fm=21&gp=0the specified shape, and to ensure that the sample layer between layers can be firmly glued together.Soft UV Curable Ink is clear that this material will be stored in liquid form and the best delivery and then becomes solid in a very short time.

This request doesn’t sound difficult to achieve, such as metal heads to manufacturing has just mentioned, we may be able to use 3D printer to molten iron 1.1-point drop to a specified location, and then wait for solidification of molten iron. But don’t forget, many of the 3D printer users are small businesses, schools, and even ordinary families, they are often difficult to afford the high cost of equipment and demanding processing environments therefore brings 3D printing materials a lot extra restrictions, like the mentioned method is obviously not appropriate, because iron needs thousands of degrees of heat to be melted into molten iron.

For example, plexiglass is one of the most common plastics, it is light weight and good light transmission, is often used instead of glass. Plexiglass “scientific names” methyl acrylic acid methyl ester, as the name suggests, it is composed of numerous mutual reaction of molecules of methyl methacrylate. 3D is currently more common in print applications.0e2442a7d933c895dfa371f9d11373f083020056

A material to become a 3D print “ink”, not only need to be completed within a short period of time the transition from liquid to solid, and this change must be able to be not too high a cost, in moderate conditions off the achievement. Of course, no difficulty for 3D printing technology at the request of researchers, they succeeded in finding the lot meets the requirements of the “ink”, and on this basis to develop an assortment of 3D printing technology.