12:34 pm
01 August 2021

Love is the answer: sculptor 3D Printing pendant Memorial Paris attacked

Love is the answer: sculptor 3D Printing pendant Memorial Paris attacked

The night of November 13, 2015, Paris suffered a terrorist attack, people around the world have expressed a different sentiment. Sadness, anger, fear, for such a cruel tragedy, which is a very natural response. However, under normal circumstances, grief transformed into hatred. Many people after the tragic attacks, pointed the finger at refugees and immigrants. These feelings are 1-1511191534101beasy to produce, but we want to do is, through action to stop these terrorists activities, rather than the more widely spread hatred.

France artist Gilles Azzaro after learning of the news of the attack in Paris, choose spread love instead of hatred. Azzaro is called “(transliteration) sound sculptor”, because he always printed sculpture records the sounds. Several years ago, he recorded the President’s Commonwealth lecture, use 3D printer to print out sound waves, the sculpture in 2014 as a gift to Mr. Obama. The sculpture look like a vast surreal cityscapes. He also used the cries of newborns produced 3D printed sculpture.

Azzaro’s latest work is a simple fine jewelry contains a beautiful meaning. He recorded “love is the answer” (love is the answer) stereo sound of these words, print them out into a pendant, on the Shapeways sale. “After the attack, all Paris is in tension. I fear this situation will get worse, this couple of months I have been designing new work. I wanted to create a symbol of love. What if everyone did, the world would be full of love. This is what I found efforts to love and feel loved. “Azzaro said. Azzaro has this 3D sculpture as a gift to Michelle. Obama and her daughters, plastic material sells for $ 22, gold-plated $ 117. This is the first time public selling their works, low price, high quality, can be used as Christmas gifts for friends and family. Having said that, do you also want t1-151119153424A3o use 3D printing to express your concern about events in Paris.If your are not a artist and you haven’t a high quality 3D Printer. Using Cheap 3D Pens will be a nice choice , it was easy to control and convenient to carry.

This pendant shows a group-Luan rolling picture, “love” the sound of the word at the top, forming a highest peak. Azzaro said he made this pendant when focused on the expression of positive attitudes, people who wear this pendant can also feel the peace.

Azzaro said: “I believe the world needs love in Paris, which had a strong feeling, people together, for freedom was sworn in. But this is a small group of crazy forces against the world, so we need to fight within their means. I am very angry, but I choose to turn anger into love for the world. Humans kill each other, causing all kinds of terrorist activities, war, injustice, brutal acts, ignores what makes them live: love. “L’amour est la r e Ponse. (love is the answer. )1-151119153503649