06:38 am
18 January 2022

Logistics good helper

LQ – 680 kii fuselage streamline grace, beautiful and easy, compact design, placed in

limited space, still calmly and effectively save the office space.


3890 printhead

The machine with 231 Chinese characters per second, English 413 characters, the

capability of high speed printing for seconds trade development, the machine built-in

128 KB buffer, effectively improve the efficiency of processing, “huge” print can also

be a quick fix. The machine MTBF for 20000 hours, the print head each needle can

withstand 400 million hit, print the total of 40 million lines, a large number of consecutive

work printers can cope.


The value in a dormant state of energy consumption is 2.5 W, is only 1/6 of the national

standard. Its equipped with 32 beige belt can support 10 million characters to print, can

effectively extend the service life of print head components. The machine have stronger

1 + 6 copy printing function, a complete page 7 carbon paper printing, even if the last

league, too clearly visible and meet the demand of a wider range of printing.

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