11:00 pm
30 September 2020

Little 3D pen create a bright space ^_^

Little 3D pen create a bright space  ^_^

“Because many in the crowd see you one eye, never forget QQ截图20151027171557your face. “We have seen has been a minority, but such a beautiful light was the first time, the most critical is that it is a small 3D print made of! Many people believe that 3D printing is a“chicken”products, but it is not, it is because you do not see God work made with 3D printing. See the light, I admitted that I was instantly shocked. Choose a sunny weekend, the family together in a room to tinker with, when lights, lantern lights in our House-made, it is a pleasant thing.

 ABS plastic, 3D printing on any surface writing , or even paint directly in the air. It is compact, and without computers or computer software support. You just plug it in and wait a moment you can start your fantastic creations.More color you can choose. 3D FILAMENT PLA-desktop-3d-printer-green-abs-filament-3d-printing-materials-2106wercan-3d-filament-pla-luminous-red-6641

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