01:21 pm
18 January 2021

Light curing 3D Pen CreoPop visit BestBuy stores

Light curing 3D Pen CreoPop visit BestBuy stores

Don’t know friends are remembered, last June, the world’s first based on Stereolithography (SLA), the 3D printing technology CreoPop. A year later, in June of this year, its from Singapore manufacturers – venture capital start-up company CreoPop gained 2 million new Yuan. Now the company ushered in a major opportunity for its development, CreoPop company recently announced that from October 26, 2015, their products will be placed in the retail giant best buy (Best Buy) in the United States over more than 1000 stores shelves.But personally think for a for people just getting started with 3D printing, in case you’re not familiar when such expenditure does not meet the requirements you have to. I mean you could first Cheap 3D Pen to try..After you have mastered the skill again to try more different technology.

This light curing advantages of 3D printing is that it does not produce heat. And we usually see the tip temperature rises to more than 200 degrees, by hot-melt plastic 3D prints of the work , CreoPop mainly uses its own development of photosensitive ink and LED diodes light curing. Due to this characteristic, CreoPop is a very safe plant, adults and children alike can rest assured that use. CreoPop 3D printed pens are cordless phones, which, when it is used without holding a wire problem in the back. And you only with the power adapter or your computer’s USB port to charge.

However, CreoP131220C31-6op one of the most exciting features is its special inks. As mentioned earlier, CreoPop its proprietary is populated mainly by a photosensitive ink cartridges, ink contact with LED light will harden.

In addition manufacturers produce a wide variety of “ink” CreoPop the creation of more interesting, including glow in the dark “ink”, as well as discoloration of ink depending on temperature. Besides. The company will launch three new types of ink: ink elastic (they recommended making clothes for dolls) elastic ink, body paint and ink, magnetic ink. Capacity of each cartridge supports approximately 1 mm diameter 14 m long lines drawn.