02:36 am
21 June 2021

Less Fault,long life,classic masterpiece

635 k is a stylus printer, reliable quality, high efficiency, is the first choice

for office, the machine price is cheap, strong performance, more suitable

for paper printing unit of choose and buy.


GS6000 printhead

635 k is milky appearance, elegant generous, compact body. This machine

use super print head, the print head life over 200 million times/needle, MTBF

reached 10000 hours, print the total 12 million lines, printing task easily. USB2.0

interface, two-way parallel port IEEE1284, meet the different needs of customers.

Joined the driver optimization and compressed print function, the financial statements

of the 136 columns can be compressed in 106 columns of printing paper printing.

Support 300 characters per second high printing speed, it is equipped with GB18030

coded character set of Chinese characters, can free conversion between GB code

and BIG5 code.


635 k with 1 + 6 ability to copy, print speed is also leading in the similar goods,

ultra high speed printing speed up to 150 characters per second and 300 characters

per second; Even in the letter quality printing, also can achieve 52 characters per

second and 79 characters per second.



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