05:17 am
09 March 2021

LEGO 3D printer version 3.0, 8 times faster!

LEGO 3D printer version 3.0, 8 times faster!
In recent days, creating a Union of Instructables user William, relying on previously1-151120114TW41 created “W1ll14m” Lego 3D printer access to people’s praise. Until now, 3D printers have been updated to the third generation, new version 3.0 can make people feel he gives the sweat and hard work. We now touch the Cheap 3D Pens are based on their own hands to create toy tool, but this 3.0 LEGO give toys a new definition. It is a new starting point for LEGO fans. Within a few months after the release of version 2.0, William brings more powerful for the vast number of 3D printing enthusiasts more cool new printer.

LEGO 3D printer 3.0 style is concise and clear, without procrastination. Compare
d to other versions of the LEGO 3D printer, this version is obviously more attractive to those LEGO fans. William Instructables home page, for the Assembly of this 3D printer, has a detailed description and steps showed that the various ways they can feel free to spell out the different styles of 3D printer. If you are interested in it, and is in need of attention, during use you must be prepared to a spray gun and paper clips, which will make the extrusion process more smoothly.
1-151120114S0U0When the printer after assembling, to do the final step is to mount the software provided by William. Sure this colorful 3D printers will give you satisfaction, not only has the looks, the LEGO 3D printer 3.0 features have been greatly improved. Allegedly printed 8 times faster than previous versions, Oh, like, might as well bring it home try.