11:39 am
01 August 2021

LEGO 3d Printer Step 6: Extruder-carriage and belt

LEGO 3d Printer Step 6: Extruder-carriage and belt

With a working x, y and z axis I decided to buy a complete 3d extruder.

The Geeetech assembled MK8 extruder has a default 0.3 mm nozzle size and uses 1.75 mm filament. It comes with a stepper motor. I’ve chosen this extruder because of it’s size. It has the size of a Nema stepper and is flat at the bottom.

The extruder-carriage uses the same LM8UU bearings as the other axes. The fourth image shows the actual built without extruder. The last 3 images show details of the extruder-carriage. Starting with the blue belt holder. This one uses the same connection technique as the Y-axis. This one is smaller because it has to fit between the carriage and the X-axis.

Use tie wraps to attach the bearings.


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