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08 July 2020

LEGO 3d Printer Step 1: Bill of material

LEGO 3d Printer Step 1: Bill of material

The printer is not a 100% LEGO printer. I don’t have any LEGO Mindstorms products. Another reason is that LEGO motors are servo motors and 3d printers use stepper motors. Last reason is the software used to control the printer. I’m using Marlin for the Atmega 2560 and Pronterface on my laptop to control the printer.

Besides a lot of LEGO you’ll need the following items from the Prusa I3 bill of material. The length of the rods depends of the size of the printer you are building. It’s cheaper to buy pieces of 100cm than the default prusa i3 pieces.

Mechanical Parts and rods
– Smooth rod 8mm (3 x 100 cm)
– Threaded rod m5 (1 x of 100 cm)
– LM8UU linear bearing (11 x)
– Ball bearing 608 (2x)
– Flexible coupling 5×5 (2x)
– Nema 17 stepper (4x)
– GT2 Pulley (2x)
– GT2 Belt (200 cm)

Heated bed
– Y-carrier frame (1x, or use LEGO)
– Heatbed (1x)
– Glass Plate (1x)
– Binder clip (4x)
– Thermistor 100K (1x)

– Ramps (1x)
– Atmega 2560 (1x)
– Stepstick (4x)
– Endstop (3x)
– Power supply (1x)
– Ramps wiring kit (1x)
– Extruder with Nema stepper (1x)

Screws, nuts and washers depend on the build. Use m3 x 15 bolts for connecting the steppers to the LEGO.F2NUI05IA57DKYD.MEDIUM F04C6W9IA57HN4Q.MEDIUM

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