02:23 am
21 June 2021

Latest trends in printing supplies market in Asia Pacific

International data company IDC said Asia-Pacific printer market share on the rise.2015 renewable time Asian print supplies industry Summit, IDC research manager PankajChawla with participants revealed that ink-jet printer hardware market share rose to 2014 from 2013 17.3% 17.8%. 2014 laser printer hardware market share is 32.2%, an increase of 1.5%.Roland RT-64079795542Chawla went on to add that contains the potential of inkjet printers is chasing the market gap. Compared to hardware device with a laser printer, ink jet printer hardware shipments remain strong.

Chawla said IDC monitoring data show that the first half of 2012 to 2015, ink-jet printer shipments in the first half increased from 44.6% to 48.7%, 4.1% and laser printer shipments declined from 55.4% to 51.3%. The same period, commercial inkjet printer hardware shipments increased from 48.3% to 53.1%.Epson SureColor P600

987654321Chawla believes to keep market share, ink-jet printer should not only be aimed at the Home Office and small office users, should also be aimed at third-party platforms and online printing services. He cites HP’s ink project and convenient online printing services to illustrate “the Web has changed the way people use the printer. ”As for how large the printer consumables market in Asia-Pacific? Chawla quotes IDC survey. Survey data show 2015 cartridges shipped 208.96 million in the second quarter, revenues amounted to $ 2.0671 billion. The same period, the drum cartridge shipments to 110.1 million, revenue of us $ 4.9133 billion. 

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