01:20 am
25 September 2021

Laser phototypesetting technology: wash “lead” Chinese characters and burst printing firelight

Laser phototypesetting technology: wash “lead” Chinese characters and burst printing firelight

In August, 1974, in order to change the backwardness of China’s printing industry and address the problem of computer information processing of Chinese characters, the State Planning Commission approved the establishment of a national key scientific and technological projects named “Chinese characters information processing system”, referred to as “748 project”.

ind1exPeking University engaged in the development of this project in 1975 , with Wang Xuan as the technical head of the research team. They successfully developed the laser phototypesetting technology of Chinese characters and it was applied in large scale. Eventually the Chinese characters printing has entered a new era. The “hero” of the printing industry generation: Professor Wang Xuan won the national top science and technology award in 2001 for the successful design and development of laser phototypesetting system of Chinese characters.

For a hundred years before 1975, type printing was occupying the leading position of the printing industry in China. Not only did it consume a great deal of manpower and material resources, but also a great deal of energy with low efficiency and high pollution. However today, thanks to the laser phototypesetting system of Chinese characters, so cumbersome work can even be completed by one person, thus the time needed to complete the work is greatly shortened. The printing technology also plays an important role, for a great many brands of printers spring out, such as Canon with Canon printheads.

ima1gesThe method of Laser imagesetter is to output digital fonts on film by the imagesetter, then print. The process is as follows, first, input the characters into the computerto typeset them in certain format; second, print the file in this format by the printer, to make its contents appear in the paper; third, use the imagesetter to output, and then wash, you can get the film for printing.