03:49 pm
14 June 2021

Jiangsu Province plans to use 3D printing technology in the majority of primary and middle school in 2017.

Jiangsu Province plans to use 3D printing technology  in the majority of primary and middle school in 2017.

Jiangsu the first teacher training classes to promote the province’s primary and secondary schools. I3 X 3D printer is a popular rapid prototyping technology, it is a digital model file based, using powdered adhesive materials such as metal or plastic, through print to construct objects layer by layer technologies are now widely used in education, engineering, arts and other fields.kjty
8:30 December 18, by the Jiangsu provincial youth science and Technology Center, sponsored by the Youth Association for science and Technology Education Association of 3D printing of primary and secondary school teachers training course in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Jiang Ning formal classes, for two days, the object of training is from Jiangsu Province, major has equipped and the teachers in primary and secondary schools to be equipped with 3D printing equipment.
According to understand, this training aimed at let technology counselor timely master 3D built die and 3D print of knowledge and skills, has 3D print technology application capacity, can right guide students simple of three dimensional model making, and three dimensional scanner reverse styling, and 3D print equipment operation, and equipment maintenance and the management, work, will d print technology and existing teaching phase combined, training and expand students of technology innovation capacity, advance elementary and middle schools STEM education.Wang yan, Deputy Director of new technology of Jiangsu Province Association for science and technology promotion Center said, “before our day in Nanjing primary school teaching 1 year pilot, the last 3, 4 grade students can learn, and they love through conceptions and innovative ideas to your own design printed. Sometimes, kids toys at home is broken is missing, as long as there is symmetry of size, can use 3D printer to print out match. ”nyj
Take part in the training of teachers from primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Province, Luo XI, xinbei district, Changzhou City, one from the central primary school, Xu said, schools signed up for the workshop she attended, at present schools not equipped with 3D printers, but you must first learn, so the machine can then teach their students. “3D print courses are particularly suitable for small children, because students now draw later, confident students, said if things in the picture in his hand would be nice. Now, this technology can achieve, students must have been like. ”g
Assisted by the Nanjing Hong information technology Valley is China’s first approved 3D printing . Research Institute curriculum development, 3D printing education solutions provider, is now General introduced a full set of 3D printing solutions for education. It is reported that the teacher training course on 3D printing was first in Jiangsu Province, went into schools, training teachers first. Said Zhao Huajun, great Valley technologies, their goal is 2016 to train 100 primary and middle school teachers in Jiangsu Province.They plan to use 3D printing technology  in the majority of primary and middle school in 2017.