05:03 am
22 October 2021

Jewellery designer launches 3D print jewelry inspired by the sun

Jewellery designer launches 3D print jewelry inspired by the sun

Recently, Lumitoro founder of jewelry, and a young jewelry designer Roberto Chaves from natural phenomenon of the sun through the leaves get the inspiration to create his latest jewelry series Komorebi.02

Lumitoro jewelry and designer Roberto Chaves  is famous for  high quality jewelry in 3d printing,  Is an example, the perfect combination of art and technology.In recent,a kind of 3d printer is popular with people,named Geeetech 3d printer.


It is understood that Roberto has been obsessed with creating new things, and it all stems from his childhood interest in computer graphics programming.Because of this interest, guide the designer for creating real-time 3D virtual graphic design program and continue to explore.03

In fact, Roberto has created many striking creation, most of them can be found from the lumitoro Web site.And he designed all the jewels of the series is  print theme. He said : ”  3d printing reduces a lot of restrictions in life, get my ideas from concept to final product very soon.And I can explore the combination of old and new material, to create the work that traditional process cannot complete . ”05

It is understood that there are now four  3d printers in  Roberto team. Turning sketches into -3D models, modeling software they use is fusion360.They think that 3d printing beautiful is that you can use a variety of different materials, but also the ability to meet custom needs. He said : ” We understand the advantages and disadvantages of each material, so that the maximum use of material vision of beauty, sense of touch and design.