05:44 pm
14 June 2021

Japan launches unique color FDM 3d printing technology

Japan launches unique color FDM 3d printing technology

Recently, called a-z-ia. Japan has produced a new product of the  lunavast Craftehbot can provide a unique color FDM technology, but the product was launched in the form of DIY kits.311

Currently ,on the market,  have some  FDM color printing solutions, such as spectrom extrusion head, it will wire into the extruder to dye it ; or botobject process, it will be melted before wire extrusion wire mixing different colors.But Lunavast Craftehbot  is  completely different from these, it is subtly rigged on the 2d printer ink – jet systems, and use the system to print objects to paint.At present, the company is applying for a patent for this technology, and named it ” direct to object ” technology, basically, it’s a bit like a printed automatically after dyeing.At the time of the painting, there will be machines control the 3d object rotate print.With the development of 3d technology,printing technique will develop towards diversification.In addition,a kind of 3D printer is recognized by most people for high efficient molding technology and unimaginable printing speed ,named ABS 3d printer.312

But for the moment, this technology is still a lot of restrictions. First of all, a-z-ia. net requires the user to have to put on the 2d printer ink – jet printing head down, loaded on their machines ; in addition, this system can only paint on the object shape simple enough, so it might not be so easy to use.The company explained : ” Because inkjet printer ink spray distance of only 10 mm, so if a 3d print of the object shape too complicated, then it must be divided into several sections printed, so that we can paint on the surface.And then all the parts assembled. ”306

In addition, Lunavast Craftehbot employ aluminum fuselage frame, with better stability. Two Bondtech QR extruder and driven by dual – drive gear eliminates slippage, the machine control system using a adruino due with 32 – bit CPU.The machine when printing in monochrome 3d maximum print size 200x200x200 mm, when full color 3d printing, the maximum size is reduced to 150x150x150 mm.The machines are configured with a hot bed, supporting print materials including such asPLA,  PETG and ABS. The print head nozzles with a diameter of.4 mm, in conditions of 100 microns thick, can achieve 50-150 mm / sec print speed.305

Lunavast Craftehbot is now a reservation, the price of $2,499, estimated ship date is February 25, 2016.From 2012 the company started manufacturing the 3d printer, so their manufacturing capacity to guarantee its supply on time.