05:51 pm
14 June 2021

Japan Kyocera developed an inkjet print head of CMYK 4-color printing

indexKyocera developed “KJ4B-150″, an inkjet printhead which has CMYK 4-color printing, 150dpi resolution, and 76.2m/min printing speed. This product is suitable for dyeing and printing billboards and other uses. It plans to be put on sale in China in January, 2016. Other printheads may also have such functions, such as Seiko printheads.

Product features:

1. This print head can print 4 colors, conducive to the realization of the printer’s light weight and small size.
This product can print high quality 4 colors, so it can effectively reduce the need of number of the print heads, wiring, piping and other components of the ink, contributing to achieve the lightweight and compact printer.
2. Wide-format print head is beneficial to reduce the difficulty of equipment design and testing work.
This product’s effective print width is the world’s widest, 112mm, so it can effectively reduce the number required for indexwide-format printing print head. It can also reduce the design difficulties and workload of the assembly, replacing parts, and debugging.
3. This print head uses Kyocera’s unique technology with high quality and fast speed.
This product uses the accumulated technology of Kyocera ink flow path structure design and drive control technology of piezoelectric actuator,with 150dpi resolution to achieve a 4-color print, printing speed up to 76.2m/min, and making a contribution to improve productivity.