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22 October 2021

It is not just a tool: make it different

It is not just a tool: make it different




In early 2015, in all the chips KickStarter platform appeared a very interesting project —  in the bottom of the cup embedded image of Oregon mark hood glass — Oregon Pint. The glass was very popular when it appeared. Originally the production business North Drinkware fund-raising goal only for $1.5 million, but in the end is to raise the more than $50 million!

The reason why Pint Oregon is so popular is that Drinkware North has become a landmark in the people’s cup, and the state’s beer is quite famous in the United States. Hu Deshan, the Oregon beer, and the experience of the people in Oregon, are quite pleasant.


So,how does Drinkware North put Hu Deshan into the glass, which is of course to be printed on 3D. First, the company produced a Hu Deshan 3D model from the geological data obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and used a Replicator 3D MakerBot printer to print it out.


North Drinkware then use these models to produce glass mold. “Using the 3D printer, we easily conducted 5 iterations, but it costs almost not worth mentioning. In contrast, if we follow the traditional method to produce 5 graphite mold, it will cost up to $20000.” the company’s Nic Ramirez said. In the process of development, they are  with the help of a local glass blowing expert, the global glass blowing mold, the bottom of the cup to form the shape of mountains, with the continuous iteration, and through 3D printing improvement, they finally obtained satisfactory results. “Each round the prototype has been an inspiration to us, we are constantly learning, constantly improve.” Ramirez said.

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