04:53 am
22 October 2021

It is clear that ABS wire is the key of 3D printing opens the door to a new world

It is clear that ABS wire is the key of  3D printing opens the door to a new world

As far as 3D printing network in China know this wire from the Cornerstone research group (CRG), research and development departments. CRG is a company with more than 15 years with shape memory polymer (SMP) gftnexperience of the company. “Over the past ten years, our main work was concentrated on castable thermoset resins. In 2008, the CRG starts with an extruded thermoplastic shape memory resin Essemplex. Since then, dynamic modulus of Essemplex because of its temperature response and shape memory properties and are found in the biomedical field has great potential value. “The company said.
Unique raised by paragraph CRG describe the 3D printing when the wire is the main features, which are different from any other kind of material. “Essemplex can be processed like ABS 3D Printer and is very flexible, but it also has additional benefits after. “The CRG said. More importantly, it has a very wide range of applications, because at the time of its activation temperature it has the same functionality as a rigid solid materials. It can be like ABS can be 3D printed in a rigid shape and print only slightly heated (such as with a hair dryer), you can activate the shape memory characteristics.Therefore, it is very easy to use and can even be printed with the popular ABS wire, greatly expands the scope of the designer’s design. And it is not like an ordinary flexible wire print head clogging problems that can even be used in injection molding and its so easy to use and even ABS filaments can be printed very popular expand design options. Flexible rfdrfilaments that are not caused by blockage of the same problem, and can even be used in injection molding and other manufacturing technologies. “Once formed, this will show the shape memory characteristics, after adequate treatment of the SMP can be heated to a temperature below the melting point, repeated deformation will not shape memory loss or degradation of the material. “They said.It is clear that Essemplex wire is a 3D printing opens the door to a new world, especially a variety of customized 3D printing applications. But need to be reminded that, this yyumaterial only in the MakerBot has done extensive testing on the Replicator 2X 3D printer, but not tested on other types of 3D printers.
“Feedback from test users will help us determine the material’s compatibility with other 3D printers. “The company said. Most importantly, CRG also hope interest in the launch of Essemplex materials in 3D printing user. If the raise event to be successful, the company will introduce more high-quality materials.