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22 June 2021

Another type:Introduction of UV LED ink

Another type:Introduction of UV LED ink



The introduce of UV LED ink

UV LED ink is UV radiation energy, liquid UV photoinitiators in the materialsaffected by the crisis as radical or cationic, causing the UVmaterials inthe unsaturated chemical reaction, forming a cured body structure. It isfully in line with the 3E”. So-called 3E, that Energy, save energy, in purple outside light in the without on base material for heating, General purple outside light solid into hot curing of 1/5;Ecology, ecological environmental protection, purple outside light curing material in the not containing or only containing few solvent, while purple outside curing by with energy for power, not fuel or gas, no CO2 produced, so purple outside light curing was as “green technology”; Economy, economic, purple outside curing device compact, line production, processing speed fast, thus save site space , High labour productivity, UV curing technology to ensure thatfilms are thinner, and has excellent performance and reduced raw materialconsumption, to reduce the economic costs.

The advantages of UVLED ink 

(1) Printed materials are more widely, or even uncoated material, UVLED inkapplication supports a wide range of image marketing.

(2) Little or no UVLED Ink solvent, it can reduce harmful substances on workers injuries and environmental pollution and can be printed on more environmentally friendly biodegradable material.

(3) due to UVLED wouldn’t dry without UV, so it is not easy to bet onthe ink head, sprinkler loss of savings, but in curing dry almostimmediately, the picture between the adhesion and solves bottleneck of high-speed printing and drying is not complete.

(4)UVLED ink can be adapted to a high production speed.

(5) Most gloss holdout can be generated, or you can generate a smooth mattesurface, as if the Hill onto the printer UVLED ink, icing is stronger, morefull color.

(6)The ink layer or coating from UVLED ink are both with abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

(7) In the process of printing UVLED ink can keep stable chemical composition, no solvent loss, due to the nozzle is not easy to bet on plug, reduce the number of the flush nozzle, so the dosage of ink can save about 20% ~ 30%.

(8) UVLED ink would not flow which would affect the printing process.

(9) Different ink UVLED is compatible with each other.

(10) It takes up less space that used in curing equipment than the traditional dry heat transfer device.





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