06:29 pm
18 January 2021

Interactive dog game 3D printing systems–PlayDog

Interactive dog game 3D printing systems–PlayDog
As far as 3D printing industry, was known to be in the medical, aerospace sci ence, education. Some 3D printers that print device are just some of the XYZ Foundation for ordinary people is all the more strange, perhaps only the printer can print a simple model, or some Cheap 3D Pens, and this time you can see that 3D printing to more unexpected field, it will be very interesting and significant inventions.
Many people like to have a dog, because it would be a good partner in your family life. But many people also had to be at work at home. You can imagine, a dog was locked in a room all day not only to face the inconvenience of diet, and to put up with a day of lonely torture, it’s not good for their physical and mental health. Lucky was a creative team to try to help you solve this problem. From Israel Tel Aviv 3D printing company Roboplan Technologies is developed exclusively for the stay at home dog training game 3D print system designed–PlayDog. PlayDog part is the part feeding system puzzle game, you can provide your dog with exercise, feeding, and games.Described by the company as “a clever dog smarter game”, is using 3D printing parts with readily available electronic components manufacturing of experimental products. Users can print 3D corresponding parts and electronic parts Kit purchased from Roboplan, can also locally purchased these electronic devices. Principle of the game is based on Pavlov’s conditioned reflexes, very simple and effective. You can print multiple 3D “plinth” placed in the dogs can be found within. When it comes to dog eating, there is a base (base) will beep beep, encouraging the dogs get close to it. When a dog is successful when approaching the base, began to call the next base, until the QQ截图20151116173126dog reaches the final base so far, and the last base could provide it with the likes of dog food.

PlayDog has many advantages, it not only enables you to control the interval of feed the dog, and can encourage your dog “through customs,” the game, for them is a kind of exercise. Linked to the sound with food is one of the fundamental principles of theory of Pavlovian conditioning. PlayDog 3D printing systems are essentially training your dog to establish similar associations make it Tweet linked with feeding of the base 3D printing.

It is understood that the PlayDog design file and the code is provided free of charge , the development team encourages users to adjust the design to suit your needs and want all users to be able to form a community, share the experience and skills of using and modifying PlayDog.