06:15 am
22 October 2021

Influence of UV inks on UV flatbed printer applicators

Saying look before you ink printer head, UV flatbed printer with applicator is usually mostly Epson printing precision is, but low life expectancy, 20,000 will have changed, and so tend to use inkjet printhead, Seiko, Konica, or Polaris, using more Epson printhead on the market.UV flatbed printer problems is a very important issue. Because this machine is made up of computer + software for image output to the printer, printer coordination work of the Department, and finally by the UV lights + sprinklers UV ink jet printing material. This is a need a lot of precision parts and demanding operation, where there will be no problem. Printer Board card below to analyze the effects of voltage on the printhead.So this is why majority use the Epson printhead. Because the Epson printhead is more durable ,such as my printhead Epson 9910 Printhead. It could be used many kind of Epson Printer and used serveral years. That means the quality is very high. But we still need protect it .original-epson-stylus-pro-9880-7880-4880c-printhead-f187000-1177
UV printer head
Board card voltage on applicator practical work in print, life has a very important impact. As the voltage level of the printer head can decide the sheet inside the printhead of Piezoelectric ceramic bending and, therefore, high voltage can increase the amount of ink-jet nozzle, without affecting the lower printed under the picture quality is better.By the relevant institutions proved that exceeds 32V voltage may cause the sprinkler off Mo ridden and loss of life occurs.Said will bend the Piezoelectric ceramic high voltage was increased, if in a State of high frequency oscillation, and piezoelectric Crystal inside the nozzle easily tired and injury break, and the sprinkler voltage too low will have impacts on the saturation of the picture. so the sprinkler between the 28V-32V voltage is suitable.Different brands of printer applicators voltage varies, such as Epson nozzle voltage 30V, cyber nozzle 33V voltage, voltage of 38V precision printhead, printhead on the viscosity of ink and different voltage requirements vary, spray Ink viscosity also high voltage requirements, low viscosity of the ink printhead of low voltage requirements, which are proportional to.

A. printhead high voltage and low viscosity of the ink, it will cause the ink too much, too soon, dot reflex to the bottom of the printhead to form droplets clogging printhead, there will be rough edges and there was ink.

B. low voltage and high viscosity of the ink, if printhead, there will be sprayed out ink, color is not uniform, not full, and so on.

In addition, dry fast and slow drying of the ink! Quick-drying ink is UV light exposure may also result when ink is not the material has dried up, thus leading to printhead clogging!