03:04 am
21 June 2021

IKEA consider using 3D printing to produce meatball in the future

IKEA consider using 3D printing to produce meatball in the future

Haven’t eaten IKEA meatballs, not going to IKEA.IKEA may be the world’s only meatballs are also very famous furniture stores.However, the global climate conference held in Paris last week, points out that meat production is one of the main reasons for the present climate.Because of this,iIKEA’s research department is looking for a variety of methods, make oneself of the meatball more environmental protection, including 3D printing95.

3D printing in our daily life is not only helpful but also very interesting.Take cheap 3D pens for example, when I’m not on work,I usually spend time with my friends to create some original things with it.That’s a wonderful experience. Now ,people can also use 3D printing to produce food! That’s a big surprise!97

You might be a little surprised, do you?IKEA had the specialized study of meat ball team?In fact, IKEA has a future life design lab  called Space10, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The aim of the laboratory is testing all kinds of innovative technology, to improve our life.They recently conducted research projects which is known as Tomorrow ‘s Meatball .

The project consists of Space10 Bas van DE Poel and Kaave Pour leadership.They revealed that the “menu” enough to cope with the coming of any global problems and technical innovation.The result is a interesting menu, including the use of a variety of innovative technologies made meatballs, such as the growth of the artificial meat, made of meatballs with worms and even 3D printing meatballs, etc.”We take the shape and the size of the balls as a carrier about food scene in the future, because we want to in a simple, interesting and popular way to study complex visualization. Hardly a culture without the presence of meatballs, from the Swedish meatballs, to Italian/American meatball pasta, add more spices to the Middle East kofta.”Kaave Pour on Space10 website said.96

Although Space10’s vision of a future meatballs may sound disgusting or meaningless, but IKEA, experts say it will become a very real problem in a few years – and not just because of global warming.According to the forecast, in the next 30 years or so, due to the growth of population, human demand for food will grow by 70%.”It’s hard to imagine, in the near future we will eat insects or artificial meat. However, due to the increasing demand for food, we need to start thinking about adding other ingredients on the daily menu. You can say that,Tomorrow ‘s Meatball will make people more comfortable with that we were not familiar with .”Bas van DE Poel said.91

If made from algae or worm “meatball” can seem less appetizing, then using 3D printing is likely to make them easier to accept some.This food more interesting, it will also help to achieve a sustainable future.The only problem is that: in 2040, our each will have a 3D food printer in the kitchen?