03:05 pm
30 July 2021

If you like it, it will be funny: 3D Print

If you like it, it will be funny: 3D Print


Y2(1) Y3(1)

3D (Printers Enrico) is a kind of magic printer designed by an inventor named Enrico Dini (Dini) , it can not only “print” a complete construction, and even in the space shuttle astronauts to print any of the required items.

3D printer is a kind of machine, which is a kind of machine which is a kind of digital model file. It uses special wax material, powder metal or plastic, which can be used to make three dimensional objects. 3D printer is the principle of the data and raw materials into the 3D printer, the machine will be in according to the program to create a layer upon layer.


3D printer stacked thin layer of the form of a wide variety of. 3D printers and the biggest difference is that it uses the “ink” is the real material, stacked thin form a variety of media, can be used to print media types, from a wide range of plastic to metal, ceramic and rubber.

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